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Welcome to McKinley’s Mended Heart's team Page

McKinley’s Mended Heart

McKinley’s Mended Heart

Welcome to McKinley's page! Thank you for taking the time to read McKinley's story, join McKinley's Mended Heart's team, or make a donation!

McKinley was diagnosed with Double Inlet Left Ventricle, Double Outlet Left Ventricle, Transposition of the Great Arteries, Atrial Septum Defect, and Pulmonary Stenosis. She spent her first six weeks of life in the hospital - undergoing scans, procedures, IV's, countless heal sticks, and medication adjustments. She was able to avoid her first open heart surgery and instead had a procedure called an Atrial Septostomy, which helped with her blood flow.

McKinley came home with the goal to grow bigger and stronger to prepare for open heart surgery around 4-6 months old. When McKinley came home she was on 17 doses of medicine! McKinley's heart failure became progressively worse, and on September 7, 2018, McKinley had her Glenn surgery. After surgery, we found out McKinley's heart function had actually worsened. McKinley spent several weeks on IV medication with hopes to improve her heart function. After multiple unsuccessful attempts to wean her off of this medication, we were told McKinley had one more chance and then she would need to be evaluated for the heart transplant list. I am so happy to report that McKinley successfully came off of her medication and has thrived ever since! McKinley has been able to come off of all oxygen support and her NG feeding tube! She is meeting milestones and is the happiest little 11 month old now! McKinley will have another planned open heart surgery around 3 years old.

This walk is important to us because we realize the value of raising funds for CHD research. We are fortunate to live in a time where there are medical interventions available for CHD patients like McKinley. However, it is important to realize that McKinley is not cured, and she will deal with CHD for the rest of her life. Being a single ventricle patient, McKinley is essentially missing half of her heart. Our prayer is that through research and medical advancements that there will one day be a cure for CHD. Raising funds for CHD research is critically important and very meaningful to us. Please help us fund CHD research by making a donation to McKinley's Mended Heart's fundraising page - every little bit helps!


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