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A Heart For Josiah

A Heart For Josiah

Hi Everyone!

We are so glad you stopped by!! Whether you are here to join our team, donate, or read about Josiah's story, we are thankful you have taken the time to check out our team's page <3

Josiah was prenatally diagnosed (23 weeks) with a critical congenital heart defect called, Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS). In simple terms he basically has half of a heart! On January 23, 2013 Josiah made his grand entrance into this world, and 8 days later he underwent his 1st of 3 required open heart surgeries. At 5 months old, and after spending 4 months at Egleston in their CICU, Josiah was able to have his 2nd open heart surgery. What a miracle it was! You see, Josiah had been placed on the heart transplant list almost 2 months prior to his 2nd surgery. Doctors believed Josiah would only be leaving the hospital with a new heart. His 2nd operation was performed in order to give him "more time" to wait for a new heart. Praise Jesus, we came home as a family 1 month after Josiah's second surgery (WITHOUT a new heart)! We spent the next 5 years enjoying life at home, but at the same time knowing Josiah would need his 3rd and final planned open heart surgery. In May of 2018, Josiah underwent his 3rd open heart surgery. After a little rocky recovery we came home and Josiah has been NON STOP since!

It is important to know that the surgeries Josiah has had have not cured him. He still only has 1/2 of a heart. The research and advances that have taken place in the last several years is truly incredible!! The hope is that one day there really will be a cure for not just HLHS, but all CHDs! This is where we all come in. In order for that to happen there must be funding. Raising funds for CHD research is critically important and very meaningful to our family. Our eyes were opened to a whole new world when Josiah was diagnosed with HLHS. A big heart family that many do not even know exists until they are thrown into it themselves. We cannot wait to see what new advances come in the future! But, we need your help! Would you consider helping team A Heart For Josiah?
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