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Sana Choudhary

Sana Choudhary

Thank you for visiting my page. If you're stopping by just to read our story or donate - welcome!

On February 7th, we found out that there was something wrong with Yusef's heart. My OB wanted me to come in to rule out pre-term labor due to some symptoms I was having. As a precaution, she sent me for additional ultrasounds - I was 24 weeks pregnant and everything on the anatomy scan was perfect a month earlier. When the tech kept looking at the heart, I knew in my gut there was something wrong.

It was god's will that I listened to Asif and called in to the OB and had that ultrasound that day. Everything else that happened in the following hours were a blur. Ultimately that day between my OB and the high-risk specialist, I had 2 regular ultrasounds, 1 level 2 ultrasound and a fetal echocardiogram. Pericardial effusion, membranous ventricular septal defects / muscular VSDs, atrial septal defects, bilateral blood flow, aneurysm, diverticulum, so many various medical phrases were being thrown at us.

Fast forward to March 20th, what they thought was an effusion, had more than doubled in size and was prenatally diagnosed as a Right Ventricular Apical Aneurysm. We spoke to 5 different institutions and would be transferring our care to the Fetal Care Center at St. Louis Children’s Hospital. Of all the doctors we consulted with, no one had seen this specific defect, we could only speculate the cause and the prognosis. There was some contractility, so we weren’t sure if it was an aneurysm or a diverticulum. It’s so rare that since the 1940s, there have only been about ~20 reported cases. I remained hopeful, but cautious. I lost count of the number of times that we were told the outcome could be catastrophic. What I did know was that every day was a blessing and every week that I got to hear his heartbeat and see him via ultrasound was a gift. The goal was to make it to 39 weeks.

On May 21st, surrounded by the support of 20+ medical professionals Yusef was born. In true dramatic fashion (like the rest of the pregnancy), Yusef was born blue and limp. The neonatologists and pediatric team in the room immediately worked their magic to get him breathing and responsive. Yusef was off to the Cardiac ICU for additional testing and monitoring while I waited behind in the OR. We knew we’d be there for about a week minimum. During our stay, the goal was to have a Cardiac MRI to truly understand his defect. He had to be sedated and intubated during the MRI because he couldn’t maintain his oxygen saturation levels. By god’s grace we were told that the outpouching at the apex of his heart had all three layers of heart muscle and had strong contractility. This was the best possible outcome in our situation. We had an official diagnosis: RV Apical Diverticulum with a PDA and ASD.

CHDs are never truly cured and we still don’t know what lies ahead for Yusef. What we do know is that he is an absolute joy and the most precious addition to our family. His PDA had closed by the time of his two week cardiac follow up, the ASD remains open and we’ll continue to monitor it along with the diverticulum regularly. Whether or not he will need surgery remains to be determined.

And that is why we’re walking this year. Raising funds for CHD research is critically important and very meaningful to our family. Our eyes were opened to a whole new world when we received Yusef’s diagnosis and we hope that you’ll help contribute – no amount is too small.



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