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Sophia Strong

Sophia Strong

Ironically, my daughter Sophia was born during CHD awareness week. She was born with half of a heart (hypoplastic left heart syndrome). She will be fighting this disease for the rest of her life. She faces her 3rd open heart surgery in June. Most people do not understand her diagnosis and the common response is “well then she will be better after that, right?” or something to that effect. Unfortunately the reality is No, she will not just be “fixed” afterwards. This is something she will always have to battle, but the more research and medical advancements that are made, the better the outlook is for her!! So as you can see, CHD research is personally meaningful to me. Along with raising funds, My goal is also to raise Awareness & HOPE!

CHDs are the #1 birth defect in the US, yet when we first found out about Sophia’s heart I was stripped of hope and made to feel like a good outcome wasn’t possible. From the doctor’s own mouth “Most people decide to terminate at this point” & “We can arrange for that to happen today if you’d like.” I was in a complete state of shock. I felt completely broken and hopeless. In that moment I thought my daughter was going to die. But I am here now to say that there most certainly is HOPE!! We found an amazing healthcare team to help us through this journey and we now have one of the happiest, smartest, craziest, and loving little 3 year olds that I’ve ever met!!!

40 years ago they didn’t even know how to treat her type of defect and so I hope I am able to encourage people to donate to an amazing cause. Fundraising and Awareness about CHDs are vital to making a better life for people living with one. With early detection, better treatment options, & research, these children & adults will have a far better chance of living longer, healthier lives. I dont want anyone to feel that initial feeling of hopelessness that We felt. These kids are resilient and their life CAN be Great! Let’s help these warriors live longer, happier, & healthier lives!!

Thank you for visiting my page. Together we can make a life-saving difference!



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