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Nichol Sayles

Nichol Sayles

I want to share Chase's journey.
He was born with a rare heart defect called transposition of the great arteries which means the two main arteries leaving the heart were reversed. Most children that are born with this defect had a shorter life span and couldn't play sports. But Chase beat the odds by playing football and basketball. He played each both sports and live a full normal life with no limitations. He never let his heart defect get in the way of his goals. Chase was honored at the American Heart Ball in 2014 for his accomplishments. However, July 16, 2015, changed our life forever. Chase was playing basketball at a school with his AAU team when he collapsed. Emergency service responded to a call of chest pain. When they arrived Chase was unconscious and later passed away at the hospital.
Our efforts is to help children live normal and active lives starts with awareness and donation. Please consider making a tax deductible contribution to support my fundraising efforts on behalf of Chase Sayles and The Children Heart Foundation. All funds raised benefits CHD research and programs.

We appreciate your support!
The Sayles Family


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