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Caleb's Crew

Caleb's Crew

Thank you for visiting. This cause is very dear to our team, and we appreciate all the support we can get! Together we can make a difference! - Caleb's Crew

Caleb's Story

Caleb was diagnosed with Transposition of the Great Arteries one week before he was born. Luckily that was just enough time to get a plan in place for his arrival. He was admitted to Cook Children's NICU just after birth and stayed there for 8 days waiting for his life-saving surgery. He fought hard those first few days of his life and we are so grateful for the wonderful staff that took such good care of him. He had numerous procedures and many accomplishments, including starting to bottle feed a little and going from being fully intubated to breathing completely on his own! We knew at that point we had a little fighter on our hands! The hard thing about all the progress he was making was that he was still a very sick baby, even though he appeared to be doing better, and after his surgery, he went back to square one. Intubated, feeding tube, and more tubes, wires and IV's than we had ever seen attached to anyone, much less a newborn. We knew he had to get worse to get better but that didn't make seeing him like that any easier. Once he had his chest closure a few days later we were able to celebrate a little each day as another tube/wire/IV was removed. After about 10 days in the CICU it was time to go back to the NICU, which meant we were closer to going home. We were told to expect at least 4-6 weeks in the hospital, but our little warrior made it out in 3 weeks and he's been doing great ever since! There is no cure for any CHD, it is something he will always have to live with, but luckily the surgery Caleb received is expected to give him a fairly typical life. We are fortunate that he only has to visit his cardiologist once a year check-ups and doesn't have to take any medicine or monitor anything. This is all because of research that led to his life-saving surgery and procedures. Unfortunately, there are too many parents who don't get to take their heart warriors home from the hospital or have to make frequent visits for complications or more surgeries. There is still so much life-saving research to be done to help the 1 in 100 babies born each year live their best lives like Caleb gets to do. Thank you for your support!



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