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Welcome to Chloe's Corner!

Chloe Moser

Chloe Moser

Our daughter Chloe TRULY has the Heart of a Warrior! Having faced 3 open heart surgeries and a heart catheterization at Mott's Children's Hospital in Ann Arbor, she battles a set of heart defects known as Shone's Syndrome. She amazes and inspires everyone who meets her with her strength, courage and resilience fighting this terrible disease.

We are very excited to attend the 2019 Detroit Metro Walk for CHD Research! We can't wait to celebrate our daughter and other living heart warriors, meet new friends, continue to raise awareness about congenital heart disease AND support CHD research! Our goal is for other children like Chloe born with CHD to have a better chance at life, higher survival rates into adulthood and better outcomes & quality of life! We hope you will join us in supporting this meaningful cause that is near and dear to our hearts!


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