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Avianna Belle

Avianna Belle

Hello Everyone,

Chris and I want to thank you for visting Team Aviana Belle's page. Here is Avianna's story & why The Children's Heart Foundation is such an amazing foundation that we are proud to be apart of.

On Monday, July 1st 2019 Chris and I woke Avianna up for her bedtime feed, we quickly noticed her pale skin & blue lips. Frantically rushing her to the ER, meeting countless doctors & nurses, waiting hours to hear how they would diagnose Avianna we finally met with a Pediatric Cardiologist named Dr. Monaco.

Dr. Monaco had diagnosed Avianna with a Congenital Heart Defect called Total Anomalous Pulmonary Venous Return - TAPVR. He began to explain what TAPVR meant & how it was affecting Avianna's heart, lungs & oxygen flow. Dr. Monaco told us that she would have to be rushed into emergency open heart surgery. Scared and anxious we were transported to Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital NewYork-Presbyterian in the early hours on Tuesday morning. After meeting Avianna's surgeons, doctors, nurses and other hospital faculty we had to say our goodbyes to our 9 day old baby girl.

After a long 7 hour surgery our prayers were answered, our baby was on her way up to her room after a very successful surgery & we would finally be able to see Avianna again. Avianna's doctors & nurses explained to us that though her heart maybe fixed her recovery may have some ups & downs, good days & bad & to have patience & she will recover & regain her strength.

Our baby girl did so fantastically everyday the doctors were excited to let us know Chris & I could take Avianna home with us just 7 days after her operation. She had recovered so brilliantly the doctors & nurses were confident she would continue to do extremely well....& she has!

Avianna now 48 days old & almost 6 weeks after surgery, she is exceeding in her recovery! Her Pediatric Cardiologist Dr. Monaco says her heart, repair & recovery look fantastic & it would be normal baby milestones from here on out. Chris & I are beyond proud of the amazingly strong daughter God has given us & we are so excited to see Avianna Belle grow.

Chris & I want to thank everyone who has had our family in their thoughts & prayers & to those who have continuously reached out to us in such a difficult time in our lives, we are so grateful!

Having Avianna Belle become a heart warrior raising funds for CHD research is critically important and personally very meaningful to us. We ask you to please help us to fund CHD research by making a donation to Avianna's personal fundraising page. Chris & I also want to invite you all to become part of Team Avianna Belle's first walk; The New York City Congenital Heart Walk, September 7th 2019 at The Bronx Zoo.Together we can make a life-saving difference!

We ask you to continue to keep Avianna Belle in your thoughts & prayers.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,
Chris, Eileen & Avianna Belle


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