Welcome to Team Mauricio's Page! As some of you may know, my Heart Warrior was diagnosed with an Atrial Septal Defect right after his 1st birthday. Although we were aware of the VSD he was born with, this completed took our family by surprise. At a follow up appointment for the VSD, we discovered that his oxygen saturation was low and our pediatrician sent us to Maimonides Hospital who discovered that unoxygenated blood from the right atria was spilling into the left atria where oxygenated was being diluted and pumped to the rest of the body. Unfortunately the only remedy was open heart surgery. 30 days after his diagnosis we had surgery at Hassenfeld Children's Hospital NYU where Dr Ralph Mosca built a wall between the atria with Mauricio's own heart tissue. We are almost 3 months post surgery and celebrating our little hero by giving back to a cause that gives help and hope to so many families and little heart warriors everyday!