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Bradley Linsenmeyer

Bradley Linsenmeyer

Mia was born in 2014 with severe congenital heart defects which included tricuspid atresia and transposition of the great arteries. Three lifesaving operations has given her a palliative course with a bright but uncertain future. Had she been born 30 years ago, she likely would not have survived more than a few days. 20 years ago, she had a 50/50 proposition. By the time she was born, mortality rates had dropped to around 10 percent. Today, Mia is a vibrant 5-year old set to begin Kindergarten this fall.

50 years ago humans walked on the moon for the first time. 50 years before that airplanes barely had a range of 200 miles. 30 years ago the idea of a computer in your pocket seemed like a pipe dream. Science, technology, and medicine have outpaced even our science fiction fantasies. The decades to come offer exciting possibilities. Ambition and imagination are the only limits to conquering CHD and improving Mia’s and her fellow heart warrior’s futures.

We hope that you might consider investing in the futures of children fighting Congenital Heart Disease. Your generous donations will provide vital funding for researchers on the front lines of miraculous breakthroughs.


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