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Welcome to Pam's Page

Pam Willis

Pam Willis

Hello! Thanks for checking out my page! Raising funds for CHD research is critically important and personally very meaningful to myself and my family. Please help us to fund CHD research by making a donation to my personal fundraising page. Together we can make a life-saving difference!

Our son Nathan was diagnosed mid-pregnancy with TGA or Transposition of the Great Arteries. Where a normal circulatory system runs in a figure 8 and carries blood from the lungs to the heart to the body back to the heart then lungs, his was two closed circuits where the oxygenated blood from his lungs would only return to his lungs, and the depleted blood from his body would only return to his body. While it was incredibly stressful, finding out ahead of time made a huge difference in our plan and not everyone is fortunate enough to get that knowledge in advance, instead they are blindsided with a 'blue baby' and everything that comes with it. Nathan was born just a few days early and stayed in the NICU for a week on special medicine that kept his heart pathways open allowing the blood to mix in his heart. At one week old he went in for an Arterial Switch Operation where they 'unplug' the arteries and major coronaries and 'replug' them back where they should be on his walnut-sized heart. His recovery started out rough but he refused to give up and we were able to take him home one week after that! He has since made an amazing recovery and while he will always have the potential for future surgeries, for now his future looks bright and full of sunshine :) If you wish to read a personal and more in-depth account of his journey with a few photos, please visit here:

CHD Research is surprisingly underfunded for as common as it is. About 1% of all births are CHD babies and their problems can range from holes that can heal themselves with time, to arterial problems, to missing chambers. There are roughly 40 types of CHDs. Some long term outcomes are fantastic and getting even better with study and science. Others are a lifelong struggle that truly earns the title of 'heart warrior'. There is no 'cure' for CHD, only surgeries for repair if the defect allows it. Of the 1% of CHD babies, what our Nathan was born with makes up about 3% of that, so about 1 in 3300 babies have his same defect. As of now there is no known cause to help prevent CHDs but that is where research comes in! Help us help the teams that can do the work and just maybe we can prevent these in the future!

To paraphrase a quote I saw online, I understand you may not be a CHD parent, but the day before Nathan's diagnosis I wasn't one either. Please help us spread awareness and raise funds for research! :)

Lots of love and gratitude,


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