When we received Cyle’s diagnosis the day after he was born our world came crashing down. We’ve heard of CHD before but it was not something we knew much about, much less something we thought would EVER happen to our newborn baby. Cyle had to have open heart surgery(OHS) at 4 days old in order to survive, and along with the OHS came many complications which required additional surgeries. The sight of our baby post operation was a sight we will never forget, with tubes and lines attached to his body, tons of medications flowing in, a swollen face with a breathing tube in his mouth, and a long bandage covering the wound from his OHS. It was excruciatingly painful to see our child in that condition. During his 2 month hospital stay and even the first year after discharge, we never imagined that Cyle would be able to look and live the way he does today. To do the things normal, healthy kids do. Run and play outside, breathe on his own, eat by mouth (as opposed to being fed through a tube, which he did his first year of life), communicate with his voice and be able to formulate words. We feel overwhelmingly blessed at how far he’s come and how much he has progressed. We believe that it was God’s provision and healing that helped Cyle overcome all the obstacles. But we also know that Cyle would not have had such a positive outcome had it not been for all the research and medical advancements that have been developed in the last five decades. So in honor of our heart warrior Cyle, we made a donation to Children’s Heart Foundation to support CHD research so that other babies and children affected by CHD can have a chance at life, higher survival rates into adulthood and better outcomes & quality of life. We hope you will join us in supporting this meaningful cause that is near and dear to our hearts.