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Chase Gelfand

Chase Gelfand

Dear Friend,

A few days after I turned three my mom and I went for my physical. The nurse measured me and I was tall enough to go on fun rides! My mom said “Chase, your life just changed.” But, it really didn’t. At the appointment my incredible doctor noticed that my blood pressure was high, and we started to watch it. About a week later I was admitted to St. Louis Children’s Hospital and diagnosed with coarctation of the aorta. A few weeks after that I traveled to Boston for surgery at Boston Children’s Hospital. Then my mom and dad really thought that my life had changed. But, we know now that it didn’t and that it was just a surprising opportunity to show my bravery.

It’s been three years now, and I just turned six. I’m a first grader this year! I follow up closely with my awesome doctors, nurses and other providers at St. Louis Children’s Hospital. I even got to go to Camp Rhythm and meet more kids like me this year and last. I’m doing great and rockin’ a cool bravery scar!

I know how lucky I am, and now I’m trying to raise awareness of CHD and money to help other kids. Please join my team! You can donate or you can walk with me. The walk is crazy fun and I’d love to hang out if you are here in St. Louis. If you’re not, think about joining a walk in your area - they are all over the country! I really, really appreciate it.

Your Friend,



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